The city of Little Rock is located in the state of Arkansas. With a population of approximately 193, 524 it is both the state capital of Arkansas, as well as the most populated city in that state. Little Rock is also the County Seat of Pulaski County.

It is located on the south bank of the Arkansas River. The city is a translation of Le Petit Rocher, which derives from the name given to a nearby rock formation by French settlers to the area in the 1720’s. The original little rock was a well-known landmark at a popular early river crossing – and yes, there is a big rock too!

Little Rock enjoys hot and humid summers coupled with mild winters, owing to its location within a humid subtropical climate zone. Whilst it rarely snows in Little Rock, freezing temperatures are not uncommon in winter, and the record low, recorded in 1899, was a chilly minus 12 Fahrenheit (-24 Celsius).

On the other hand however, if you’re a sun worshiper then Little Rock in the summer could be the place for you. Average temperatures peak at 92.6 Fahrenheit (33.7 Celsius) in August, and the record high was set very recently in 2011 when the temperature topped out at an amazing 115 Fahrenheit (46 Celsius).

Little Rock has been home to a number of notable people through its history. Perhaps the most famous former residents are the Clinton’s. Bill and Hilary chose to make Little Rock their home whilst Bill served as Governor of Arkansas. Their daughter Chelsea was born in Little Rock in 1980.

Other notable people born in Little Rock include comedian Bill Hicks, actress and comedian Sheryl Underwood and US General and World War 2 hero Douglas MacArthur.

Little Rock is a “Friendship City” with La Petite-Pierre in France and with Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. ​

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