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Does It Have To Be Removed?

Most homeowners, whether they admit it or not have had at least one horrible tree hanging over their home that had to be removed for good.

Every time you’re heading to or coming back from work, there it is, just hanging out and threatening to fall and damage your roof or a wall any minute now. All it would take would be a strong gust of wind or a lightning strike to bring it all down, so what can you do about it? Simple! Call our tree removal service to set up your free appointment and we’ll give you a fair quote based on your situation.

It’s important to notice that not all plants are created equal and some will demand more effort and care to be brought down without causing damage to your residence or property. Another thing to note that could potentially raise the price point, is the waiting game.

You see, it simply ain’t gonna take care of itself as some people like to think. Trees are solid, they are plants and do not simply “get out of your hair” or disappear when they reach a certain size and become a threat to your property, whether it’s residential or commercial.

We have found that removals at commercial properties such as parking lots, or near large buildings is generally easier and safer, than doing the same at a residence.

Here are some factors that will affect the price:

  • Age and type of the tree
  • Height definitely makes a difference
  • Distance from the piece of property affected, if any exists. For example a tree 5 feet from your home will probably cost more, than 25 feet
  • Accessibility for our truck (if needed) and equipment.

We don’t generally count distance for us to drive into the job, unless it takes more than 3 days, which rarely happens, so those are just a few others that came to mind.

What are some dangers of having a medium or large sized tree next to your house?

One of the biggest concerns we see with our customers is the tree falling onto their house, plain and simple. Now that’s actually the biggest risk as to why you should have it removed, but what are some of the over risks that aren’t talked about as much and aren’t that well known?

1. Trees, especially larger ones can be very attractive to critters and small animals such as raccoons and squirrels, but do you really want them so close to your home? It is known that many of them carry diseases and can often be aggressive towards humans. Taking it out would mean to eliminate a hiding and a hangout spot for such creatures. We’re not saying that you should hunt them down, but simply don’t give them a reason to hang around your home, especially if you have young ones who like to play outside.

2. Another risk home owners with multiple large plants growing around their house are exposed to, are larger than normal amount of insects. Fruit trees can also attract fruit flies and various other types of flies, which also do carry diseases. You’d also be at a higher risk for having your kitchen infested with them and having to call and pay the professionals to get rid of them.

3. Same as the above, ants love their nature. There are various researches stating that certain plants attract more and different types of ants than others, but in reality, most of them are a great target for an ant hill to be built nearby, and what does it mean for your home? ANTS! Brrrr… Not sure about you, but it definitely sounds terrifying to us.
​We get asked a ton of questions about our removal services, so we decided to post the most frequently asked ones below for you to review. If you feel like the answer is incomplete or that you need more information in order to make the right decision, feel free to call us at (501) 232-2750 and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

On average, how long does it take for you to complete a job?

This year, we’ve been averaging one to two days to get a removal done at a residential property from start to finish. Commercial projects average about two days, just because it’s generally more than one tree to take care of. When it comes to time to complete a job, the biggest factors are height and size.

How many incidents and mishaps have you had within this past year?

Honestly, we’ve had zero unfortunate events causing damage. We did have two unsafe situations which have caused no damage to property or crew, yet it’s worth mentioning. Both happened due to the unpredictability of our work and thankfully our staff followed all procedures and had safety nets in place to prevent anything bad from happening. Our staff is well prepared for almost any situation and all of them have been a blessing to work with. Truly skilled professionals.

What is an average cost of tree removal through your company?

We’ve given estimates for amounts that varied from five hundred all the way to seven thousand dollars per single job. Just as a reminder… We do both residential and commercial work which is why the gap between low and high is so huge.

How do you handle problems that come up?

Throughout our time in business, we’ve learned and evolved enough to plan ahead for everything that may or may not happen. There are things that come up, that we aren’t always prepared for, so we simply stop at a safe point and assess the situation. Once we come up with a plan of action and have safety nets in place, then it’s all up to the execution and showing off those skills and abilities to work and overcome problems as a team.

Moments like that, is when you’d be able to tell a professional from an amateur.

Still on the fence on whether or not our company is the right fit for you? Give us a call and find out. We don’t just give estimates, but will also suggest other options if possible. Call (501) 232-2750 for more info and we thank you for your business!