Frequently Asked Tree Service Questions

Why does a customer choose you over any other company in the area?

Our work speaks for itself. We aren’t just your local guys with a chainsaw trying to make a quick buck, we’re a company that offers quality services at affordable prices without bringing headaches to our customers, just great work and professionalism.

What’s your company’s experience with extra large tree removal?

We are very skilled and experienced with plants of all shapes and sizes, large or small, size doesn’t intimidate us. Some of the kinds we’ve dealt with in the past: palm, christmas, pine, eucalyptus, yucca, uprooted, oak and others. We also remove ones that have fallen and can give you some DIY tips as well.

Do you clean up branches and leaves after yourselves?

Absolutely! We feel that work is not finished until all the bases are covered and you, the customer is completely satisfied with the work performed. Doesn’t it seem somewhat unfair if we get to have all the chainsaw and axe fun and you get to clean up the mess? We think so too and will make it look the same or better than before we came over.

Do you provide free on-site estimates?

We most definitely do! Our estimates depend on the size of the job (or the tree in some cases) and the ability to get our equipment to the job site. Did we mention manning? We do take into account how many people it will take us to get the job done efficiently. Make sure to call us at (501) 232-2750 or send over your contact information by filling out the form higher up on this and every other page.

Do you work outside of your business hours?

Our hours of operation vary, depending on the amount of appointments that day, preparation we have to do for the next day and well being of our arborist and all other personnel. We do occasionally take weekend off and will stay on call for disaster relief and emergencies.

Do you provide emergency tree removal services?

We do and are not afraid to admit it. Our company is reliable and trustworthy, so call us when you need the work done fast and in a hurry. Don’t hesitate to reach out far after hours as well. Part of us being a full service company is the ability to serve our customers in the moment of need and that’s exactly what we do best. The is an additional charge for emergencies, so it’s not necessarily cheaper, most likely the opposite.

How long does the average tree job take to complete?

That’s a tough one… Most jobs we start in the morning are completed that night if everything goes smooth, however, there were times when we had complications and had to come back the next day, so it all depends. Some projects will take up to three days to complete, but most residential projects won’t. If we’re doing an estimate for you, feel free to ask us on site and we’ll be able to give you a better answer.

How much does tree trimming cost?

Same with all other estimates, it’s really hard to tell because we don’t have it right in front of us, but the math on determining the price is much simpler. It will mostly if not solely depend on the size of the crown and the amount of branches. If it’s bushy, it’s gonna be tough and a bit costly.

Is dead tree removal a good precautionary measure to avoid falling in the future?

In our experience as a professional contractor, we believe it’s extremely important to remove trees which are dead, as they pose risks to property during storms and heavy winds.

Why trim a tree in the first place?

Most people believe that it’s unnecessary, but that’s far from the truth. If your intent is to keep it healthy and continue growing, then it’s a must do. Aside from overall health, there’s another important piece of the puzzle which is your personal safety and the safety of your family. You see, branches can die off and fall without notice, so if you happen to have a picnic underneath, prepare for a nasty surprise in a form of a branch on head. Same goes for your vehicles and personal property items, so simply speaking… It becomes a liability.

Other than Little Rock, what other areas do you operate in?

We do provide all of our services to North Little Rock area as well. Realistically we service two of largest cities and all related areas, including the small towns nearby. We’ll go ahead and answer your next question with a no! We do not charge extras for calls outside of the big two, as long as they’re within a reasonable distance. A while back we used to charge for estimate requests outside of the cities, but now they’re completely free!

Can tree roots affect my house?

Absolutely. They’re a huge deal and if not removed properly, they can continue growing and might cause damage to your foundation in the future. We have dealt with roots of all sizes.

What’s the best time to have your trees cut?

There really is no better time than now, especially if they’re growing out of proportion. There’s no need to cut anything down that isn’t bothering anyone. If you’re wondering about the busiest season, that would be Fall season. If you’re reading this during the peak season, make sure to call us at (501) 232-2750 and check for availability.

Do you recycle mulch?

We do our best to recycle every material possible and make our planet a little bit greener each day, but sadly, It can be tough to get a hold of the plant or they’re backed up, so we end up using mulch as fertilizer and for landscaping purposes, which is still recycling, just not commercially.

Do you provide landscaping and garden services?

As of now, we don’t provide gardening services unless there’s a huge tree in there that needs to come out, then we’re your guys. When it comes to landscaping, some people call us for design and what not, which we do not provide. Any part of landscaping that has to do with live plants, we’ll get it do, otherwise we can’t help you out but will definitely recommend a company in the area.

Are you listed and accredited by the BBB?

Although we are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, since it’s a paid service, last time we checked we had a free listing on their website.

Are there any other great and professional tree removal contractors in the city you would recommend getting a quote from?

Capital City Tree Service is one that we’ve heard wonderful things about here in Little Rock.

What are some dangers associated with stumps?

There really is no big danger. Some see them as trip hazards, if they’re located in the middle of their yard, others don’t appreciate the fact that the roots are still growing and can prevent other plants from growing. The only time when it presents a threat, is when it’s near a structure, such as your home. Roots can spread and hurt your home’s foundation very effortlessly.

Are you pet friendly (dogs in the back yard)?

We love pets of all kinds as long as they love us back. We’ve had to deal with a couple of overly playful ones in the past and it was hurting our work performance. If you’ve got pets in the area, please make sure that we can work safely without hurting ourselves or your pet due to distractions. We hope that you can understand where we’re coming from.

Do you provide any discounts or promotions?

For information about our current deals, feel free to reach out to us. We do occasionally post updates about specials that are going on, but due to the high amount of work, some offers might not be displayed. To reach us, please dial (501) 232-2750 or fill out contact for above.

Can tree roots hurt concrete?

Same like they do with foundations, basically just grow through the pavement, therefore causing cracks and later complete destruction. It might sound rough, but we’re sure that you’ve seen those sidewalks with roots alongside and concrete all uneven. In a couple of months and with help of rain water, those slabs will start to lift up and break. That’s why it’s so very important to remove the roots together with the tree.