How To Remove a Tree Stump


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Whether you have just removed your own tree or paid a tree surgeon to do it, you will be left with a stump in the ground. Felling a tree can be extremely satisfying – especially if you’ve done it yourself! However unfortunately, you’re only half way through the job.

You can leave a stump in the ground of course. However, doing so can lead to Suckering, where by new shoots and or roots can begin to grow from the stump, which is why stump removal can be crucial.

Dead stumps can also play host to various fungi and root diseases such as Honey Root, which can spread to and infect nearby trees and plants in your yard.  

There are two main methods to remove your troublesome stump.

Physical Removal – stumps from smaller trees can be pulled out using a winch. For this method, ensure you leave at least 4ft of stump above ground when you cut so you have sufficient leverage.

For larger stumps it is possible to hire machines called Stump Grinders. As the name suggests, they will mechanically grind the bulk of the stump into fine sawdust. It will leave some root in the ground but this should rot naturally over time.

Stump Killer – A better option for a larger tree stump could be to employ a chemical stump killer. Simply drill 1-inch diameter holes around the perimeter of your stump. They need to be about 12 inches deep and placed about 3 inches away from the edge of the stump (i.e. toward the centre).

Fill these holes with the Stump Killer of your choice and top up with water (follow the instructions on the packaging if they differ).
Within about four to six weeks the stump will have taken on a soft, spongy consistency – keep pets and children away during this time!

Finally, the last stage is up to you. Stump Killer manufactures recommend burning. Fill the drilled holes with kerosene (NOT Gasoline!) and leave about a week to permeate the stump.  Drop lit matches into the holes and the stump will smolder away for a week or two until you have a hole full of charcoal.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling more energetic, attack the spongy stump with an axe and cart away the pieces.

It’s completely up to you! 

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